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Jubilee Hall

Chief Executive: Jake Atkinson
Jubilee Hall, Stadon Road
Anstey, Leicester LE7 7AY

Tel: 0116 235 3800

"Leicestershire's Future" - Big Discussions about Great Communities

These Big Discussion events will focus on continuing conversations in support of Leicestershire County Council's Communities Strategy for 2017-2021 and on the vision of building "Great Communities" together.

The events provide a good opportunity to share your opinions, thoughts and suggestions on how Leicestershire County Council can continue to work with and collaborate with Parish and Town Councils and local communities to achieve the best possible outcomes for everyone.

To book up to five delegates at one event location (e.g. Broughton Astley) please complete the form below. Additional forms should be completed to book further delegates at alternative event locations OR if you need to book more than five delegates.

Please note: joining instructions will be sent to delegates via the Parish Clerk.

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Please note: the County Hall event is now fully subscribed.