Supporting Local Councils in Leicestershire & Rutland

Localism Training Event - July 2012

  • Localism - presentation by Elizabeth Skinner (PDF, 4.6 Mb)

    Presentation on Localism by Elizabeth Skinner, covering: the principle of localism and the Act; the general power of competence; planning neighbourhoods, community rights, the standards framework, and the way forward. This presentation is in a pdf format.

  • General Powers of Competence - Factsheet (MS Word, 66 Kb)

    Local councils in England were given a 'general power of competence' (GPC) in the Localism Act 2011, sections 1 to 8. This paper explains the freedom granted by the general power, the criteria to be met before a local council can use it and some restrictions on using the power. It notes the CiLCA questions and pass criteria (see also the Portfolio Guide 2012) and some useful weblinks. The power does not apply to parish meetings or to local authorities in Wales. 8 pages.

  • The Localism Act, Info Sheet - Skinner (MS Word, 32 Kb)

    This paper was presented at the Localism training day in July 2012

  • National Planning Policy Framework - Skinner (MS Word, 50 Kb)

    This is a summary with comments written by Elisabeth Skinner for training purposes. It is important to study the document itself when applying the NPPF to planning applications as many important points cannot be included here. Presented at Localism Training Day - July 2012.

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