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Supporting Local Councils in Leicestershire & Rutland

Manual Handling and Working at Height

Course Tutor: PIB Risk Management (see attached brochure for further details on this course provider)

Course Date: Thursday 16th May 2019

Course Time: 10am to 4.30pm

Course Overview

As employers, parish and town councils need to ensure that everyone who works for the council knows how to work safely and without risks to health. As part of this requirement employers need to ensure that they provide clear instructions, information and adequate training for their employees. This is a full day general awareness course covering both manual handling and work at height. Certification will be issued to all delegates by the course provider.

Course Outline

Manual handling causes over a third of all workplace injuries. These include work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) such as pain and injuries to arms, legs and joints, and repetitive strain injuries of various sorts. This course will cover:

  • ·Common manual handling injuries (including statistics).
  • ·Manual handling regulations (brief overview)
  • ·Responsibilities of employers and employees
  • ·TILE e.g. task, individual, load and environment
  • ·Safe movement principles associated with manual handling, including the body's musculoskeletal system, centre of gravity, lever system
  • ·Undertaking good handling and lifting techniques (including pushing and pulling)
  • ·Team manual handling
  • ·Manual handling aids

Working at height remains one of the biggest causes of fatalities and major injuries. Common cases include falls from ladders and through fragile surfaces. 'Work at height' means work in any place where, if there were no precautions in place, a person could fall a distance liable to cause personal injury (for example a fall through a fragile roof). This course will cover:

  • ·Legislation affecting Work at Height (brief overview)
  • ·Main causes of Work at Height accidents (including statistics)
  • ·How do you control Work at Height risks e.g. risk assessment
  • ·Selection of appropriate Work at Height equipment
  • ·Safe use of ladders / step ladders including inspection / maintenance
  • ·Safe use of mobile tower scaffolds including erection & dismantling, stability, inspection / maintenance, using & moving

Cost: £90 per delegate (member rate); £150 per delegate (non-member rate). Tea, coffee and a buffet lunch will be provided.