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No libraries or streetlights left in Britain by 2020 if austerity doesn't stop, warns Tory local government chief

"We won't be cleaning the streets we won't be cutting the grass, we won't be putting street lights on at all, your libraries will go, your pot holes won't get filled up"

The stark warning was given by Lord Porter, Conservative Chairman of the Local Government Association in a recent interview as reported by the Independent newspaper (see here).

In support, Paul Carter, Tory leader of Kent County Council, said: "Eventually the elastic will break, and we're now very close to that point if we don't get some better news in the coming year."

Parish councils may wish to consider making representations to their MPs on this subject, as clearly the vision outlined by Lord Porter would have a considerable impact on parish councils and their communities.

Posted: Thu, 13 Jul 2017 10:16 by Jake Atkinson

Tags: LRALC, Localism, austerity