Supporting Local Councils in Leicestershire & Rutland

How much of your area is built on?

For the first time, you can find out at the click of button exactly how the land is used in your local authority area.

Every council area in the UK has been analysed and individual maps produced showing how much of the area falls into four land categories:

  • Farmland
  • Natural
  • Built on
  • Green urban

Member councils may find this tool useful when considering such matters. Click here to access it.

The data has been produced with the help of Dr Alasdair Rae from the Urban Studies and Planning Department at the University of Sheffield. All the original local authority data and maps are available in A Land Cover Atlas of the United Kingdom and can be found here and here.

Posted: Thu, 09 Nov 2017 11:47 by Jake Atkinson

Tags: Land, Neighbourhood Plan, Planning