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Purdah FAQs and Guidance

The Local Government Association have previously published a very useful set of FAQs on "purdah", the pre-election preriod, click here to access the FAQs.

The full range of LGA purdah advice can be accessed here.

This confirms, amongst other things that:

1. All sitting councillors, whether seeking re-election or not, should have regard for the Publicity Code and the restrictions during the purdah period.

2. Councillors are free to talk to the media and issue press releases, but must not use council resources to do so.

3. Councillors can write letters for publication in their local newspaper as long as they do not use council resources to do so.

4. Councillors can continue to tweet/ blog but must not use council resources (such as council twitter accounts, email accounts, telephones etc.) to do so.

5. Councillors and those potentially standing for election can (and should) speak and canvass at other organisations as long as these activities are not funded nor arranged by local authorities.

There is also a useful "Guidance for Candidates" document produced by The Electoral Commission here.

This provides some campaign publicity dos and don'ts.

Posted: Thu, 31 Jan 2019 21:34 by Jake Atkinson

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