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PKF Littlejohn guidance and online training session

We have received confirmation that the recording of PKF Littlejohn's training update for 2018/19 is now available on their website here and via YouTube. The slides, including speaker notes, are also available on the website.

PKF Littlejohn has confirmed that they anticipate being able to upload the 2018/19 forms, pro forma templates and instructions to their website before the end of this week.

They will also be collating any frequently asked questions that arise from the training and add these to the website as well.

In addition they have also circulated the following update to member councils:

Dear Colleagues

As you are aware, PKF Littlejohn LLP is appointed by SAAA as the external auditor for all smaller authorities in your county areas for the five years between 2017/18 to 2021/22 years. As we approach the end of 2018/19, we would like to provide a short webinar update for your members to access from our website. We are recording the webinar on Tuesday 19 March and the recording and slides will be available for you and your members to access from our website the following day.

Within the webinar, we plan to update listeners with the main changes for the 2018/19 year end and cover some of the areas that caused common errors or misunderstandings in 2017/18. For this webinar, there is no interactive question and answer session; however, any questions arising from the webinar can be emailed to us at and we will include any frequently asked questions and answers on our website as we did last year.

It is important to note, especially for any new clerks, that the PowerPoint slides from the 2017/18 detailed webinar will remain available on our website, amended for any significant changes. The 2017/18 slides cover the following areas:

  • Introduction to the PKF Littlejohn team
  • Overview of our approach to the limited assurance reviews
  • Common issues that arose during 2016/17
  • The Annual Governance and Accountability Returns and Exemption Certificates that were new to 2017/18
  • Other aspects of the 2017/18 approach to our reviews

The 2018/19 instructions, final 2018/19 AGAR forms and our pro forma templates will be available on our website for the week commencing 25 March. The instruction emails will be sent out to all clerks during that week in batches over a 2 day period. Those smaller authorities that are selected for intermediate level testing as part of the up to 5% sample will receive an additional email confirming that point. (NB: Smaller authorities with gross income or expenditure totalling more than £200k are automatically subject to intermediate level testing and will not receive an additional email.)

We would be grateful if you could disseminate this information to your members.

Kind regards

SBA Team

Posted: Wed, 20 Mar 2019 11:49 by Frances Webster

Tags: Finance & Audit