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Election Myths Part 1

For some reason there is a common belief that exists among some parish councils that if all the councillors resign en masse or there are insufficient councillors to make a quorum folowing an election that somehow the council ceases to exist.

This is simply not the case, a council with no councillors is still a council as a local authority is a corporate body and accordingly has the appropriate legal status independent from the councillors chosen to ensure it is properly governed.

For example we are aware of one council where virtually every councillor resigned in the misplaced belief that the council would cease to exist and therefore the neighbourhood plan and its advisory committee would also cease to exist. This is simply not the case; a council is a corporate body and will continue to exist until such a time as the statutory mechanism required to dissolve it (a Community Governance Review) is applied.

Posted: Tue, 16 Apr 2019 15:17 by Jake Atkinson

Tags: LRALC, Guidance, elections