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Coronavirus - LRALC's Emergency Preparedness

While we expect we will be able to continue to work as normal, it is worth preparing for all eventualities, especially as it is likely that any closure, etc, would be imposed on us rather than being something we had control over.

Having considered our different communications channels, if there is a significant reduction in LRALC's ability to function then at a minimum we will keep the LRALC website up to date with information. This would be the first port of call for any council wishing to know the status of LRALC's services and events. Please remember you can follow us on Twitter and you will receive automatic updates whenever we update the "News" section of our website. This updating can be done remotely by LRALC officers from their homes if necessary, as can responding to tickets placed through our Member Support System.

Our Twitter account is here:

Posted: Mon, 09 Mar 2020 18:24 by Jake Atkinson

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