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Coronavirus - Guidance on Playgrounds and Outdoor Gyms

Up to date government guidance on the reopening of Playgrounds and Outdoor Gyms can be found here.

The document predominantly provides guidance rather than requirements on how operators can approach the re-opening of facilities and it has a clear message that playgrounds should only be opened where it is safe to do so. It is a requirement that a local Covid-19 risk assessment must be undertaken for each site and appropriate measures taken based upon that risk assessment.

Whatever decision an operator takes we advise it must be clearly communicated through all local channels (website, facebook, newletters) as well as by the use of signage on the site. If councils choose to open the facility then it should be monitored where possible to ensure that the control measures that they have been able to put in place – directional arrows, number limits, etc - are being adhered to. If it then becomes clear that the controls in place are inadequate or are not being followed then the decision to open the facility should be reviewed.

We hope this guidance helps our councils, though it is almost impossible to give specific advice on reopening to operators as every facility is so unique.


Posted: Mon, 29 Jun 2020 10:28 by Jake Atkinson

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