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100 Years of the Royal British Legion

Dear Leicestershire & Rutland Parish Councils

On Saturday 15th May 2021, the Royal British Legion will be marking its centenary year and we hope you will join us in celebrating this exciting milestone.

Throughout our history, the work of the Royal British Legion has left a deep-rooted legacy for generations to come and we remain dedicated to our mission of creating better futures for all those who have served and continue to serve with the British Armed Forces.​

The Royal British Legion was formed in the aftermath of the First World War to fight for the rights of those who had given so much and who came back to so little. Today, we continue to stand with the Armed Forces community and challenge injustices to ensure all those who have served and sacrificed on our behalf get the fair treatment and recognition they deserve.​

As we reflect on our achievements over the last 100 years, we know they are not ours alone. The Royal British Legion has always been supported by an extensive network of volunteers, members, fundraisers and partner organisations who share our passion for bringing people together to support, commemorate and celebrate our Armed Forces community.​ An enormous amount of hours have been spent over many, many years with volunteers helping to collect during Remembrance and for our annual Poppy Appeal. We would like to pay our sincere gratitude to every single person who has sold or bought a Poppy or contributed towards the Appeal over the years. Without their support, we would not be reaching our milestone this year.

Throughout the decades, the Royal British Legion has evolved and adapted, responding to the changing needs of the Armed Forces Community and reflecting the modern-day society in which we play an important role. As we face our next chapter, we are inviting a new generation to be part of our future and continue our vital work.

To mark the occasion, some parishes are looking to display a Lamp Post Poppy or knitted poppies on a building or church entrance as a way to raise awareness of our centenary.

Please feel free to use the above text for any publications or newsletters to help spread the word across our two counties and I have attached an image that can be used to support an article.

I appreciate that the anniversary is 3 weeks away but we will marking our centenary year throughout 2021 so please don't worry if you have a quarterly publication that won't be going out until after this date.

For any enquiries about the Royal British Legion such as volunteering and fundraising or if anyone would like to do an activity to mark our centenary, please do get in touch with Helen Fairhead at or call 07458 085493.

Kind regards

Helen Fairhead

Community Fundraiser Leicestershire & Rutland

T 07458 085493


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