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Democratic Repair: What Britons want from their democracy

More in Common, an international initiative set up in 2017 to build societies and communities that are stronger, more united, and more resilient, have published a research report, Democratic Repair: What Britons want from their democracy. Their conclusions are interesting and relevant to our sector and NALC's campaign to get more people involved to make a change and include:

  • Getting involved locally provides a pathway to greater trust and confidence for many less-engaged Britons
  • When Britons think of becoming more involved in democracy and decision-making, many are likely to start with the community where they live.
  • Most Britons want more of a say in decisions made about their local community.
  • By a margin of 68 to 32 per cent, Britons believe that people in their area can find ways to improve society when they want to.
  • Britons express a greater sense of agency over action and initiatives rooted in their local community – feeling it is a sphere where they can make a real difference and solve meaningful issues for themselves and their families in the day-to-day, unlike national debates feel distant from their lives.

All good reasons to get involved in the work of local councils!

Posted: Fri, 22 Oct 2021 16:57 by Jake Atkinson

Tags: Communities