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Barrowden Parish Council leads on government planning change campaign

Barrowden Parish Council (BPC) and their Chairman Cllr Gordon Brown have used the Sustainable Communities Act to work with LRALC and NALC in submitting a formal request to government to change the law.

The proposal submitted by BPC was that building Control Inspectors as part of their on site inspections be required to check that overall dimensions, floor levels, and external window and door locations are in line with the plans approved as part of the planning application and where these dimensions do not comply with those plans, advise the Local Planning Authority accordingly.

The full text of the motion submitted is as follows: "Barrowden Parish Council notes that at present local authority Development Control departments have no remit to consider building regulations aspects of planning applications and Building Control bodies have no remit to monitor adherence to conditions imposed in planning permissions. The Council therefore proposes that adequate liaison between the two functions is facilitated by making Building Control a local authority function or, if not, that Building Control bodies are required to notify planning authorities if they believe that building may be proceeding in breach of the approved plans and planning conditions. It further proposes that mechanisms be put in place to make Building Control bodies accessible to the public."

Cllr Gordon Brown told us "I am pleased to advise that the Policy Committee agreed unanimously to adopt our proposal as NALC Policy so this will brought to government's attention with a view to changing the legislation. On some occasions some policy decisions need the support of the National Assembly or even the NALC AGM but the Committee did not make any reference to this in their decision".

We congratulate BPC and Gordon on their effective work aimed at improving matters for the sector as a whole.

Posted: Wed, 09 Feb 2022 09:03 by Jake Atkinson

Tags: Planning, Policy