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NEW TRAINING COURSE: 7th June - Building a two-way conversation with the wider community

LRALC have arranged to offer a new series of training courses in an area of increasing demand, namely Community Engagement, Consultation, and Involvement.

As parish and town councils increase their sphere of influence, control, and service delivery (not to mention financial resources funded by council tax), the need for councils to have a clear understanding of the need for and the benefits of community consultation and engagement has dramatically increased. Alongside this the need to involve the community directly in the provision of local activities also increases in size as the scale of the council's operations ramp up, and this is often in the form of recruiting councillors and volunteers.

We are now at the stage of setting dates for the first three courses as part of our focus on this area of work, and the first of these courses is now open for booking.

Building a two-way conversation with the wider community - Course suitable for Clerks & Officers and for Councillors

This session will help you consider practical and effective ways for your Council to systematically and proactively find out what really matters to people. Discover the tools, strategies and techniques needed to better promote your own messages but also to better respond to the voices within your local community.

For more information and to book, please see here: Building a two-way conversation with the wider community | Leicestershire & Rutland Association of Local Councils (

Posted: Mon, 09 May 2022 12:17 by Jake Atkinson

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