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LRALC advice on additional bank holiday for council staff

We're getting a lot of enquiries from Councils and County Associations regarding the extra Bank Holiday and how to accommodate it when calculating holiday entitlement and pay for staff on NJC contracts.

If your faced with a similar dilemma, hopefully the following will help:

  • Normal Years

For NJC contracted Employees with 5 years or more continuous service, the usual FTE holiday entitlement is 25 days per annum + 8 Bank Holidays + 2 Statutory days = 35 days. If you divide that by 5 (days per week), you get an annual entitlement of 7 weeks per annum. Staff with less that 5 years service have 22 days + 8 Bank Holidays + 2 Statutory days = 32 days, which is 6.4 weeks per annum.

Council's can calculate the holiday entitlement of part time staff by multiplying the Employee's average number of days per week by 7 for those with 5 years or more, and 6.4 for those with less. So if a long term Employee with 5 years service works 4 days per week, they get 28 days per annum (4 x 7). If they work 3 days per week they get 21 days per annum (3 x 7).

  • 2022

This year the number of Bank Holidays has been 10. This means that Employees on an NJC contract and who have 5 years or more service will get 25 days + 10 Bank Holidays + 2 Statutory days = 37 days FTE. Those with less than 5 years service will get 22 days + 10 Bank Holidays + 2 statutory days = 34 days FTE.

If this is divided by 5 days, long term Employees with 5 years service are entitled to 7.4 weeks per annum (37 / 5). Those with less than 5 years service get 6.8 weeks (34 / 5).

So a long term Employee who works 4 days per week will get 7.4 x 4 days = 29.6 days in 2022. An Employee with less than 5 years service who works 4 days per week will get 4 x 6.8 = 27.2 days in 2022.

  • 19/9/22

The Government has announced that next Monday the 19/9/22 will be a public holiday, due to the Queen's funeral. All full time staff on NJC contracts will be able to take this as paid leave, which will be part of the 10 bank holidays detailed in the 2022 calculation above.

Part time staff who normally work on a Monday will also receive paid leave on the 19th September, which is part of their 2022 entitlement.

Part time staff who don't work on a Monday, and don't normally get paid for Mondays, will not receive holiday pay for the 19/9/22. This doesn't mean that they will miss out on the extra Bank Holiday, as it has been included in holiday entitlement calculation for 2022, which is based on 10 days for 2022, not 8.

Posted: Wed, 14 Sep 2022 09:56 by Jake Atkinson

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