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LRALC Update Number 4 following the death of Queen Elizabeth II

Thanks to our colleagues in Northants for sharing resources with us during this time. We are busy with AGM prep and are one full-time staff member down due to leave, so it is much appreciated.

Live Screening of the Funeral
As happened for the funeral of Prince Philip, the BBC is providing local communities a TV Licence dispensation. The dispensation will allow any communal setting where TV is not usually watched, such as town halls, community centres and libraries across the UK, to screen the live programmes without needing to purchase a licence. By law, if live television or BBC iPlayer is viewed on any premises, those premises must be covered by a valid TV Licence. However, in exceptional circumstances, the BBC can grant a dispensation for the temporary viewing of television, so long as the viewing is for the sole purpose of screening an event which is judged by the BBC to be of national importance.

National Silence
A one-minute silence is being held at 2000 on Sunday 18 September 2022, the day before the Queen's Funeral. The Prime Minister's office said "The silence can be marked privately at home on your own or with friends and neighbours, out on your doorstep or street with neighbours, or at any locally arranged community events and vigils. We encourage local community groups, clubs, and other organisations to mark this moment of reflection. The shared national moment of reflection is an opportunity for everyone across the UK to mark the death of Her Majesty and we will set out details of where the prime minister will mark it closer to that time."

Floral Tributes
The advice is that floral tributes should be removed on Tuesday 20 September 2022, the day after the funeral. The flowers could be removed respectfully in a ceremonial way, or perhaps that way just to start with if there are a lot. I noticed on Twitter that a Town Council elsewhere intends to compost the flowers separately and use the compost to plant a tree which will be known as "The Queen's Tree", which seems like a good idea. There will be some sensitivity about removing the flowers, particularly if they have been placed on the day of the funeral, so telling people as soon as possible via social media etc when the flowers will be removed will help.

Books of Condolence
Books of condolence should be closed by 20 September 2022. Further announcements will be made about how to contribute your books of condolence to the county archive, if they are not being kept locally.

Bank Holiday Arrangements
Monday 19 September 2022, the day of the Queen's Funeral, has been designated as a bank holiday. Government guidance ( confirms that from an employment point of view, it is treated like any other bank holiday. The guidance states often that arrangements are "a matter for discussion between you and your employer". In the parish and town council world it is likely that officers will not be working on that day, or if they are they will be compensated with overtime pay or time off in lieu. Part time workers, even those that don't usually work on Mondays are still entitled to the holiday, pro-rated for their part time hours.



Posted: Tue, 13 Sep 2022 10:15 by Jake Atkinson

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