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Local Government Ombudsman

The jurisdiction of the Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman (LG&SCO) does not currently extend to parish and town councils, but that may be set to change, at least for some larger councils.

The Ombudsman says "Town and parish councils represent an important and valued tier of local democracy. The Government's localism agenda encourages these bodies to become accountable for delivering key public services. Local people, through the council tax precept, directly fund those services. However, we currently have no direct jurisdiction to look at complaints about the actions of these bodies. With the growth of unitary authorities in some areas, the number of town and parish councils has increased, as has their status and profile. For example, when larger shire unitary councils have been created, towns that previously had district or borough councils (that were within our jurisdiction until abolition) have created new town councils (that are outside our jurisdiction)." The Ombudsman will "Develop a pilot programme, working in partnership with NALC, DLUHC, and a small number of volunteer local councils, to explore the practical challenges, viability, and resource implications of bringing a subset of the largest Town and Parish Councils within the LGSCO's remit"

Posted: Fri, 23 Dec 2022 12:00 by Jake Atkinson

Tags: Complaints, Ombudsman