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New NALC Publication - Digital Mapping for Parish & Town Councils

The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) and Parish Online have released a new publication on digital mapping systems for local (parish and town) councils.

The management of local councils can often involve various geographic tasks, and this publication provides a checklist of the many things every local council should be able to do using the vast array of digital mapping data that is freely available. Local councils are encouraged to use the checklist to identify gaps in their current digital map usage and to see which additional layers of information they could use, which will help with longer-term planning. The checklist gives examples of how local councils should be able to use the data effectively and advice on how to achieve it.

The critical layers highlighted in the checklist are:

  • Ordnance Survey map data and aerial photography
  • Data from Natural England, English Heritage, the Environment Agency, and Land Registry
  • Principal authority data, such as your Local Plan, Tree Preservation Orders, bus routes, national parks and utilities
  • Your assets (e.g. land ownership, playground, cemeteries, and other equipment, can be used to maintain your asset register and monitor inspections and repairs)

Although many of these layers are available in other formats, there are many benefits to using a digital mapping system. They are available in one place and more efficiently compared, easier to share with others or through a website, and are automatically backed up and readily available even with staff and IT changes.

Read the Digital Mapping Systems publication

The full library of NALC publications can be accessed here

Posted: Wed, 18 Jan 2023 10:09 by Jake Atkinson

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