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NALC Funding and grants bulletin - August 2019

Please click below for NALC's latest funding and grants bulletin.

Posted: Wed, 13 Nov 2019 07:49 by Jake Atkinson

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The Pub is the Hub - New Rural Funding

The Government has announced a new funding stream to support the diversity of and therefore retention of rural pubs. Rural pubs across England could be expanded to include Post Office facilities, grocery shops and libraries thanks to £188,000 of government funding. The Pub is the hub will be administering the funding scheme with grants of up to £3000 being available.

For further information... Read More »

Posted: Mon, 01 Apr 2019 08:52 by Jake Atkinson

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NALC funding and grants bulletin

The latest NALC funding and grants bulletin for member councils can be found below.

Posted: Thu, 06 Sep 2018 20:46 by Jake Atkinson

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Parish Councils and Grant Giving

Unfortunately from time to time a case arises nationally where it is clear that a Parish Council has given a grant to an external body with "no strings attached", i.e. no form of written agreement or conditions specified, even in terms of simple reporting back by the beneficiary of the grant. Virtually every other source of grant funding nationally and locally comes in the form of a contractual agreement,... Read More »

Posted: Wed, 05 Apr 2017 11:03 by Jake Atkinson

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New BIG Lottery Grant Fund for One-Off Community Events

Today the BIG Lottery Fund have launched a new programme offering grants of between £300 and £10,000 for groups to hold one off events or activities which celebrate their local communities.

There is a new application process which links from their website. The initial online part enables you to download the short application form which when completed you must send back along with a recent... Read More »

Posted: Wed, 06 Jul 2016 11:31 by admin

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