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Supporting Local Councils in Leicestershire & Rutland

Openness & Transparency training

Clerks and councillors will no doubt have heard a lot about openness and accountability for parish and town councils, be it the new regulations that allow members of the public to film council meetings, or the requirement for smaller parish councils to publish all their information on a web site instead of having a routine external audit. But where does it all come from? What does it mean for parish and town councils? What will it take to be compliant? How does it all happen in practice? And what happens if a parish or town council gets it wrong?

This course will cut through the confusion and provide delegates with a clear, concise explanation of the openness agenda and then illustrate what practical (and actually relatively simple) steps a council can take to ensure full compliance whilst avoiding the common pitfalls. The result will be better council meetings, better community engagement, and less risk of dispute with members of the public.

This course is suitable for clerks and councillors from all sizes of parish and town council.

COSTS: FREE (funded via the Transparency Fund)

DATE: 10th September 2015, 10am - 1pm

VENUE: Jubilee Hall, Anstey

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