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Dear member council,

LRALC is looking to run a new playground inspection training course in 2018. The two and a half day course, run by an accredited RPII trainer, culminates in a written and practical examination which provides delegates with a qualification to undertake monthly and quarterly playground safety inspections.

The qualification, whilst not obligatory for those undertaking play area inspections, demonstrates a level of competence which is key to mitigating the risk associated with the responsibility of maintaining play areas. In the unfortunate event of an accident or injury occurring, parish councils will be able to better evidence that they have taken reasonable steps to ensure the safety of the public if their regular inspection routine is undertaken by a person trained and qualified to do the job. In an increasingly litigious society, we at LRALC consider that it is vital for member councils to protect themselves as far as possible. Ensuring that training in this area is consistent, recognised and achieved to an evidenced standard is key to achieving this and to inspiring confidence in the communities which are served.

For those of you who have previously undertaken LRALC's introductory 4 hour playground inspection training course, this new two-day course offers substantially more – it is the next level up. There is no requirement for delegates to have completed the introductory course before undertaking the two-day course.

The cost of the course is likely to be around £420 (TBC) per delegate and this would include the examination fee of £195 which is fixed by RPII.

The course is likely to appeal to both employees of larger councils (including handy persons or general maintenance staff) and smaller parish councils which may consider joining forces with a neighbouring parish to train a councillor or clerk on their behalf. Please note that council contractors wishing to attend this course will be charged a non-member fee of £620.

Please indicate below if this is of interest to you.