14th June 2024

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Councillor training - for clerks

COURSE TUTOR: Jake Atkinson

FOR CLERKS ONLY - find out what we teach your councillors

The subjects covered will include:

  • LRALC and NALC services
  • Parish council law and procedures
  • Local council powers and duties
  • Roles and responsibilities (Councillors, Clerks, and Chairman)
  • Getting things done for the local community
  • Procedure for council meetings
  • Effective governance and decision making (including managing risk)
  • The council as an Employer/Working with your Clerk
  • Precept/Budget setting, council tax, and audit.


£50 per delegate (member rate)

£115 per delegate (non-member rate)


Tuesday 16th April 2024 1-4pm

VENUE: Online training

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