14th June 2024

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How councils can engage effectively with young people in their communities

Course tutor:

Breakthrough Communications are NALC's National Partner for advice, guidance and services on parish and town council communications and engagement, and Data Protection, GDPR and Freedom of Information. The experienced team at Breakthrough Communications understand what good communication and effective compliance look like. As a team of communications professionals, including councillors and clerks, Breakthrough Communications also has insight into the unique world of parish and town councils.


Young people are often a hard-to-reach demographic for councils to engage with. In this session we explore what we actually mean by the term 'young people', what issues matter to different groups of younger people, how to effectively reach and engage them, both online and offline, and how to build partnerships with youth-focused organisations in your area.


£35 per delegate (member rate)

£115 per delegate (non-member rate)


17th January 2024 9.30am

14th February 2024, 11.00am

20th March 2024, 1.00pm

23rd April 2024, 9.30am

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