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National Association of Local Councils

The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) represents the interests of over 10000 parish and local councils at national level. Through a Service Level Agreement with County Associations, local councils have access to its services.

NALC's offices are in London at 109 Great Russell Street. NALC can be contacted by e-mail through its web site at www.nalc.gov.uk

The Chief Executive of NALC is John Findlay, OBE. He leads a secretariat which includes legal, policy, training and development, finance and administrative staff.

NALC is governed by an elected Council and Executive and chaired by Cllr Ken Browse. E-mail: chair@nalc.gov.uk

The LRALC representative on National Council is Cllr John Springthorpe. Tel: 0116 299 1868.


NALC operates a specialist legal advice service which is free to all councils in full voting membership of LRALC.

It also negotiates recommended national terms and conditions of service for Local Council employees.

NALC is in regular dialogue with Government Ministers, Civil Servants and the Local Government Association (LGA) so that issues affecting parish councils can be effectively represented.

NALC leads on the National Training Initiative and the Quality Council Initiative.


All parishes must pay a fee to be a member of NALC. This fee is based on the number of electorate within the parish.

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