14th June 2024

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Resilience, Wellbeing and Mental Health training

Course tutor: Joe Cheal, Imaginarium Learning & Development

Course outline:

This is the second time LRALC has commissioned this course and, once again, we are offering two courses; one for officers and one for Councillors.

In times of crisis, uncertainty and change can add pressure to an already busy workload. It is then difficult to support and be of service to others when we ourselves are experiencing burnout and stress. Part of the solution is how we respond practically and psychologically… and the Resilience, Wellbeing and Mental Health course is designed to give you some tools, remind you of resources you may have forgotten you had and provide you with an opportunity to 'stop the world' for a moment and 'gather yourself'! If you would like to strengthen your resilience, address work-life balance and consider some approaches to looking after your own wellbeing then you will find this half-day online course invaluable.

This interactive session is designed to give you a toolkit of practical tips and techniques that you can use to:

• enhance your resilience,

• check in with your wellbeing and

• look after your mental health.

It will also provide time for you address the challenges of work-life balance and coping with uncertainty and change.


Setting the Scene

• What is resilience and how does it impact on wellbeing and mental health?

• How does our perception shape our reality and how can we refocus?

• Dealing with pressure, change and uncertainty.

Practical Tools & Techniques

• Getting back in the driving seat

• Reframing: the art of mental yoga

• Connecting with purpose and meaning

• State and mood management

• Looking after yourself

Action Planning

• Creating work-life balance plan


£60 per delegate (member rate)

£120 per delegate (non-member rate)

Venue: Online


Dates not available for 2024


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